We Wish You A Peaceful, Prosperous, Happy New Year

by Ruby Elbogen

If you find yourself wondering, each and every Dec. 31st—where did the last year go?  You are in good company.  So many events, too much bad news, the “Fiscal Cliff”—

We’ve heard folks saying they wish they had enough fiscal to worry about it going over a mythical cliff.  National perspective aside, Cupertino had an eventful year.

At the top of Donna’s and my list is our town’s, new City Manager–a really big deal.  David Brandt made his debut here at a low key reception, and was officially greeted by then Mayor, Mark Santoro.  As is Cupertino’s custom, Council Member, Orrin Mahoney became Mayor Mahoney in the City Council’s annual musical chairs shift, sadly without the music.

The long (years and years) process of moving its way through “the process” finally brought the long awaited Main Street Cupertino project—our new and highly anticipated Downtown (or Downtown Light) to the forefront, and ready to break ground.  The Rose Bowl project, adjacent to Main Street Cupertino, is well on its way, and is boomin’ right along.

As we head into the new year, many of us want to see a change in the increase to Cupertino’s population—by placing more multiple housing on the west side. The area around Stevens Creek and Foothill seems well suited for multiple housing. A building on the corner would be suitable, and is for sale at this time.  Parents in the Cupertino High area are just as concerned about overcrowding as those in the Monta Vista area.

The problem with the overcrowding of schools issue, is that while parents protest overcrowding in the schools, the Fremont High School Board seemingly feels it’s not a problem.

In the New Year, if there is to be an increase of new housing to meet demand for new office space, please spread it around to ALL our neighborhoods.  Happy New Year, Cupertino from The C Magazine and www.CupertinoDaily.com

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